Full-service partner for turnkey automation of internal logistics processes in greenhouses and packing hall, for data-based yield optimization and risk reduction.

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Market challenges

International horticulture is facing major challenges. Increasing in scale, delivery- and quality guarantees, food safety and traceability place high demands on primary producers and their business processes. HORTILOGICS believes in strong, data-driven fresh produce chains, in which partnership and transparency are decisive factors for success and good returns. 


Our promise

HORTILOGICS is your Full-Service Partner that unburdens horticultural producers worldwide with turnkey solutions for automated, data-driven internal logistics. We handle it all, from crop recording, harvest forecasts and internal transport to sorting and customer-specific packing.

The turnkey approach makes HORTILOGICS unique: integral knowledge, data management and robotised systems, all through a single point of contact, one contract and one service-level agreement.


This is what it's all about

  • Integrated automation of logistics processes in the greenhouse, packing- and processing hall
  • Detailed registration and data processing for optimal planning and execution
  • Robust, future-proof technology, geared to data-driven automation and robotization

The complete process

From the plant

Crop care and protection year-round. Data connection during the entire growth process for optimal plant growth.

Harvest process

Solutions for an effective way of harvesting the fruit. Prognosis data for supply chain optimization.

Internal logistics

AGV solutions for high effectiveness and low operational cost. Feet management and workers registration data.

Processing in the packaging area

Automation of all buffering, handling and transport, classification and sorting of primary packaging. Integrated data connections between supply and production optimizes yields.

Until the transport

The primary packaged product to secondary packaging and palletizing. Tracking and tracing data for the link between retail and grower.

The smart way forward