HORTILOGICS – Joint forces

In this story we would like to tell you more about the partners behind HORTILOGICS. The unique combination of the expertise of the four partners enables HORTILOGICS to completely unburden the customer.

The high quality products, combined knowledge, data and robotization through one point of contact, one contract and one service level agreement, reduces the total cost of ownership and risks! We would like to introduce the four partners and their areas of expertise.

Berg Hortimotive
The name Berg Hortimotive will probably sound familiar to you. Based on more than 50 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture, Berg Hortimotive has developed a range of products that can be used to carry out and optimize the entire logistics process in the greenhouse. For example, did you know that Berg Hortimotive was at the birth of the pipe rail trolley? Whether you are looking for crop care, harvest trolleys, transport or crop protection, Berg Hortimotive always has a quality product.

The second well-known and reputable partner we would like to introduce is KOAT. KOAT’s expertise lies in the field of systems for internal transport and product processing of fruit and vegetables. KOAT’s machines and systems are ideally suited for processing large numbers while simultaneously achieving high production speeds. The accuracy of processing the vegetables and fruit is high and due to the extensive automation there is less labor involved. The operation of the machines and systems is very user-friendly. The worldwide service support offered by KOAT ensures worry-free operation.

Working more efficiently and safely on the global food supply. That’s what you want too, right?
The logistics and data-driven systems of HORTILOGICS’ partner HortiKey ensure optimal results and thus contribute to the success of its customers. HortiKey creates insight in customer data and helps the chain to a higher level. A good example is the Plantalyzer®. The Plantalyzer is a unique combination of autonomous robot, vision which counts and classifies tomatoes on the plant, and intelligent forecasting software. The result is reliable information for the most accurate crop estimation. You optimize the process between supply and demand, thereby reducing your food waste in the chain and you will achieve an even better customer satisfaction.

Crux Agribotics
Finally, we would like to introduce Crux Agribotics to you. Crux Agribotics’ advanced Robotics with Vision, enables growers to rely less on human labor, which is becoming increasingly scarce and costly. Systems like SortiPack® process fruits and vegetables more consistently than humans, work more safely, cause less damage and are more hygienic. Yields are optimized through increased efficiency and reduced waste. The packaged product looks more uniform and advanced weight sorting results in an optimal price per packaging.

Thanks to the commitment of its parent companies, Kind Technologies (Crux Agribotics and KOAT) and the Royal Brinkman Group (Berg Hortimotive and HortiKey), HORTILOGICS can unburden clients more effectively. HORTILOGICS … ‘The smart way forward’ in Smart Greenhouse Logistics.