HORTILOGICS – Story Finka - packing hall

In the fourth story, we would like to tell you more about the HORTILOGICS concept in practice. We present in three parts how HORTILOGICS is currently being integrated into the Mexican project Finka.

Today, in the second part, we highlight the packing hall, where the products from KOAT and sub-suppliers can be found.

Packing hall
Once the production or products have been automatically transported from the greenhouse to the packing hall via internal transport, we enter the second phase of the HORTILOGICS concept. For the processing of the total production at this new Finka location, a packing hall of more than 2 hectares has been built. Production from other Finka locations will also be processed here in the future.

High degree of automation
For Mexican standards, the project has a high degree of automation. Finka ultimately chose HORTILOGICS to design the process from harvest to end product in a future-proof manner. Thus, in addition to their own production, it is possible to receive pallets from external locations, as well as cartloads from adjacent greenhouses. After receiving the products and linking the harvest data, the products are put away with a unique ID code in the so-called ‘floating buffer system’. The compact system consists of eighteen lanes that are installed on three levels. Each lane has a capacity of 1,340 crates. In this way, the daily production of up to eighteen different products can be stored in a conditioned manner.

Buffering of daily production
Finka has deliberately chosen to (be able to) buffer daily production, so that at the end of a harvest day an efficient processing planning can be made for the next day. The plannability and manageability therefore enable Finka to maximize their delivery reliability. The buffer system is laid out for processing 60 hectares of product, including any buffering of washed crates. This will allow modular expansions up to a maximum of about 180 hectares to be processed at this location. With three processing lines, Finka has maximum flexibility in processing a very wide range of finished products.

Other deliveries
A ‘smart scale’ solution for the 48 workstations, for example, helps to monitor inspection and registration of product performance per employee very efficiently. Furthermore, HORTILOGICS provides the integration of the multihead weighing & filling line, the existing topseal machines, labeling equipment and label applicators for the boxes. Finka has chosen to harvest in harvesting crates. This means that after processing, the crates return empty to a washing machine. The washing machine cleans the crates so that the risk of contamination is minimal. The washing machine with supply and discharge is also part of HORTILOGICS’ scope of delivery.

Guarantees for the future, scalability, reliability, reduction of labor and efficiency of systems were Finka’s motives for choosing HORTILOGICS. In addition, the local presence of Hortilogics’ service partner Royal Brinkman played a major role. The rolling stock in the greenhouse, which we wrote about in the previous section, is in fact also supplied by HORTILOGICS and serviced by Royal Brinkman. Finally, the linking of various data-driven systems plays a major role in the choice for HORTILOGICS. Data are the future; you can read more about this in the third and final part of the Finka project.