HORTILOGICS - The unique concept

In four stories, we would like to tell you about the unique offering, the partners involved and a project in practice in which we show you how HORTILOGICS has been integrated into the company of this client and what this means for their daily business.

Today we share the first story in which we explain what makes HORTILOGICS so unique.

International horticulture is facing great challenges. Scale increases, delivery and quality guarantees, food safety and traceability make high demands on primary producers and their business processes. In addition, there is a shortage of well-qualified personnel with knowledge of the crop and/or cultivation. The question ‘What can we do to support growers and/or investors in making their business operations consistent and future-proof?’ was central to the establishment of HORTILOGICS.

The answer? Unburdening the grower and investor by offering turn-key solutions for automated, data-controlled internal logistics. From crop registration, harvest forecasting and internal transport to sorting and customer-specific packaging. This enables growers and investors to focus on their core process and not worry about the future.

The turn-key solution for internal logistics transport is a strong differentiator and one less thing for you as a grower or investor to worry about. By using a unique combination of knowledge, data and robotization via one point of contact, one contract and Service Level Agreement, the costs and possible risks are reduced.

Thanks to an extensive worldwide network and the presence of strong founding partners, HORTILOGICS is always close to its clients and local parties who contribute to the realization and maintenance of the system. The service contracts are based on planned (preventive) maintenance by local specialists, 24/7 breakdown service and spare parts management. Where possible, own engineers or certified local partners are deployed who are available on call.

Behind HORTILOGICS there are very reputable companies in international greenhouse horticulture, each with their own expertise, which can be found as a component in the HORTILOGICS concept. With these bundled expertises, HORTILOGICS offers a total concept and you as a grower and investor will be relieved of the burden of the entire internal logistical process in the greenhouse and shed in one fell swoop. In the second story, we will focus on the partner companies and their expertise.