HORTILOGICS – Transparent data exchange

In the previous two stories, we told you about the unique offer and the involved partners behind HORTILOGICS. In this story we would like to tell you more about the role that data plays within our total solution.

HORTILOGICS unburdens the grower and investor by offering turn-key solutions for automated, data-driven internal logistics. This sets HORTILOGICS apart from others in the market. More than ever the grower has the need to monitor business processes via real time data. First of all, this creates the possibility to make timely adjustments. In addition, with the availability of data, better and faster diagnosis of the various business processes can be made and prognoses can be made that are important for control and further planning. The importance of data in horticulture is considerable and HORTILOGICS is responding to this adequately.

For example, by making machines smarter, important data can be collected from the greenhouse. Take the Plantalyzer® for example. This autonomous robot with Vision software retrieves crop-specific data and can therefore provide a reliable harvest forecast for tomatoes with further specification of color scale, fruit size and harvest date. In the near future, HortiKey expects to be able to add so-called atypical plant symptom detection to this, so that undesirable crop developments can be easily detected at an early stage. A seamless transfer and integration of data from third parties, such as climate data and harvest performance data, is also important. HORTILOGICS therefore makes its systems as accessible as possible for this third-party data integration.

Another example of transparent data exchange is Royal Brinkman’s Service Engine. The Service Engine is a digital tool that gives the grower a perfect overview of and insight into all service and maintenance tasks within his horticultural company. At a glance via his phone or desktop. The grower simply streamlines all mandatory inspections and service and maintenance activities, maintenance activities such as (preventive) maintenance, repairs and breakdowns. The result is a longer life for his equipment and therefore the guarantee of operational reliability.

With the Sortipack® robotic solution from Crux Agribotics, HORTILOGICS has a couple of strong assets in its hands in the field of data, in addition to the Plantalyzer® from Hortikey and the Service Engine from Royal Brinkman. With the further integration of the various platforms, the process from (pre) harvest to packaged end product is becoming increasingly transparent and easier to plan. Tracking & tracing is also of great importance here; it offers the grower and the customer the desired security in the field of food safety.

In short, with HORTILOGICS you, as a grower and/or investor, are assured of a data-driven, future-proof solution in the field of internal logistics in the greenhouse and packaging hall and further robotization. In a world where the availability of people is becoming more and more limited and the need for information is increasing, HORTILOGICS can organize its projects like no other. All this through one contact, one contract and one Service Level Agreement which reduces costs and any possible risks.