HORTILOGICS is worldwide active, while being strongly rooted in the Netherlands, the cradle of high-tech greenhouse horticulture and a breeding ground of innovation.

Our mission is to realize streamlined, future-proof internal logistics in greenhouses and packing centers within a market that places increasingly higher demands on efficiency, punctual deliveries and specifications that must be met.

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Over 100 years young

HORTILOGICS stems from the collaboration and shared ambitions of specialists in automation and horticultural technology. The founding partners are Berg Hortimotive, KOAT, Crux Agribotics, and HortiKey. Their parent companies, Royal Brinkman Group and Kind Technologies are backing these companies with investments and long-term continuity. 

HORTILOGICS bundles more than 100 years of knowledge, experience and innovative power to make its turnkey solutions possible. The result? Peace of mind during projects and a flawless operating and future proof logistics.

The smart way forward

HORTILOGICS is powered by:

Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive is a renowned producer of machines for daily cultivation activities and of systems that optimize logistical processes in greenhouses. This company was the pioneers of the pipe rail trolley. Nowadays, it is recognized as an innovator and full-service supplier in the ongoing progress of smart greenhouse logistics. 


KOAT develops and supplies machines and systems for internal transport and product processing in horticultural businesses and packing stations. The company combines self-developed products with third-party components to create high-quality, end-to-end processing and packaging lines in the post-harvest process.


HortiKey develops and delivers data-related solutions that provide management with early insight into their business processes and output. Data collection and analysis are the foundation of accurate crop forecasting and efficient organizations. These are indispensable components for a producer to make a structural contribution to a resilient, transparent fresh produce chain. 

Crux Agribotics

Manufacturer of automated processing systems for fruits and vegetables. Its portfolio includes the award-winning SortiPack® Robot for automatic weighing, sorting and packing. The technology includes advanced robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

Worldwide sales and service network

Global Footprint

How does it work in practice?
HORTILOGICS is your Full-Service Partner, unburdening its clients, such as growers, packing stations, investors and greenhouse builders, and offering them guaranteed result. The turnkey approach fits in seamlessly with this concept. This means that the producer has a single point of contact, and only one contract and service-level agreement for the entire project.

Future proof roadmap

HORTILOGICS and its founding partners believe in smart, data-driven solutions and the growing added value of robotics and artificial intelligence for horticultural producers and logistics partners in fresh produce chains. Connectivity does not end with tracking & tracing and remote sensing, but also involves a growing flow of data exchange and data traffic within and between businesses. Based on this vision, HORTILOGICS provides user-friendly and future-proof solutions that are scalable and easy to expand and link to other (automated) systems. 

Experienced project management

Early involvement in new construction or renovation results in correct choices and an efficient process. HORTILOGICS targets to be involved in applications at the earliest possible stage. Our experienced project managers develop requirements and wishes into complete and concrete specifications, coordinate the implementation with external and internal parties, evaluate the progress and handle the service contract after delivery. 


Our founding partners’ extensive worldwide network and presence ensure that HORTILOGICS is always close to its customers and to local parties that contribute to the realization and system maintenance.

Our service contracts are based on planned (preventive) maintenance by local specialists, 24/7 emergency service and spare parts management. Where possible, we work with our own engineers or certified local partners who are available on call.

Continuity and investments secured through strong parent companies behind HORTILOGICS

Royal Brinkman Group

Royal Brinkman has been supplying growers with knowledge, equipment and supplies since 1885. With 450 employees, it serves customers in about 100 countries, from the Netherlands and twelve offices abroad, covering three continents. 

Royal Brinkman Group’s motto is ‘Let’s improve together’. The underlying companies, including Berg Hortimotive and HortiKey, are innovation-driven and each reinforces the other.

Kind Technologies

Kind Technologies is a high-tech group specialized in industrial automation with Robotics, Computer Vision and AI.

More than 150 engineers at Kind Technologies are on a mission to contribute to a better world where plant, food and medicines are better distributed over the world and resource scarcity is addressed through advanced automation. KOAT and Crux Agribotics are 100% daughter companies.